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Finding Your Way to Price Center

UCSD campus map

UC Tech's home base will be Price Center, in the heart of the UC San Diego campus. Please take note of the various ways to arrive at the UC San Diego campus and find our venue. The drawers below include specific links you may find useful, and you can always visit the UC San Diego Transportation Services site for a comprehensive overview. 

Once on-campus you may make use of shuttles, shared bikes and scooters and more; get details via Triton Transit.

Click campus map to enlarge. 

If you're staying in UC San Diego campus dorms find directions and details here.

Driving Directions

From the North/South:
  • Interstate 5 South Exit LA JOLLA VILLAGE DRIVE
  • Go west on La Jolla Village Drive
  • Turn right at Villa La Jolla Drive to enter the UC San Diego campus
  • Proceed straight until you reach the Gilman Parking Structure, at the corner of Villa La Jolla Drive and Gilman Drive

Walking from Gilman Parking Structure

  • Head north on Russell Drive
  • Turn left on Lyman Lane
  • Price Center will be on the right. Proceed to the far west end of the building and go up the steps next to the bookstore. 


 Parking at UC San Diego is tight year-round, including August 15-17 during UC Tech. All conference attendees are encouraged to carpool, use rideshare services, or explore alternative transportation methods. For those interesting in parking, take note of the various options:

With the exception of a few dozen spots reserved for organizers and vendors, UC Tech won't be reserving or managing parking, but we'll do our best to provide directional signage from the two recommended lots listed below. In addition to the parking options listed above, more information can be found on the Visit Campus and Get Around Campus pages of the UC San Diego Transportation Services web site. 

Gilman Parking Structure

The Gilman lot is closest to our event at Price Center. We will have a few spaces reserved for vendors and conference organizers. (If you haven’t been specifically invited to park in these spots, please don’t use them). Be advised that Gilman fills up quickly and early, even in the summer.

South Parking Structure

The South Parking Structure should have more availability than Gilman; for better or worse, it requires a bit of an uphill walk to Price Center.

Rideshare Dropoff

Rideshare services will be automatically directed to designated Passenger Loading Zones. There are two recommended locations in close proximity to Price Center. Depending on the service you use the destination input may vary slightly. 

  • Russell Lane dropoff: Input UCSD Gilman Parking. Depending on the service you may be presented a dropdown menu; choose Russell Lane or Gilman Parking.
  • Price Center dropoff: Depending on the service you use, input the destination as "Price Center," "Price Center Theater," or "Price Center Loop." It may also appear as Matthews Lane in the app. You'll be deposited just north of Price Center; follow signage for the UC Tech event.


Big news! San Diego's Trolley system has recently been expanded with several stops on the UC San Diego campus. The UC San Diego Central Campus stop is a 7-10 minute walk to Price Center. If you're staying in the campus area the Nobel Drive, Executive Drive and UTC stops on the Blue Line could be viable options. Those staying further afield in Old Town, Mission Valley or Downtown may also benefit. Give the Trolley a try - it'll be just like living in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. 

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