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About UC Tech

What is UC Tech? 

UC Tech 2022 is the annual conference put on by the University of California system to celebrate and promote innovation and collaboration within the technologist community. Each year, a UC campus is selected to host the much-loved event over a few days. Each day features a broad spectrum of talks and serves to enlighten, enrich and encourage. 

The vision of UC Tech is to foster an inclusive and collaborative community of IT professionals that continually improves services that place the University of California system at the forefront of higher education, research, and patient care. 

For 2022, UC San Diego is honored to host UC Tech and celebrate its 40th anniversary as a hybrid conference with in-person and online presentations and associated events. 

The Theme 

40 Years of Connections

This year’s theme is 40 Years of Connections, an exciting celebration of the conference since its humble beginnings in 1982. Beyond this, however, the 2022 theme refers to the innovative work of IT professionals in building and amplifying the technological infrastructure of the UC system. It’s about bringing disparate elements together, whether it’s people, systems, processes, places, or even insights, information, and ideas. Continuing to strengthen our connections is how we band together to overcome those everyday challenges and larger-than-life obstacles in delivering today's and tomorrow’s IT.

The Audience

UCTech welcomes all UC staff and faculty who are associated with or interested in information technology. Topics for presentations are generally intended for IT professionals, but numerous sessions cover broader topics: project management, service delivery, procurement, etc. Participants include technical support staff, system administrators, unit directors and managers, librarians, information security experts, service managers, and others. Suppose you want to learn how other campuses address technology issues and challenges or build a network of professional IT colleagues from the UC system. In that case, you should attend UCTech this year.


UC Tech began as a grass-roots effort by UC campuses to share common knowledge and information formerly known as the University of California Computing Services Conference, or simply UCCSC. The first “conference” was at UC Santa Cruz in 1982, and the focus was strictly on academic software and it was held in a conference room on campus with 21 people in attendance. Technologists from the UC campuses have met each summer since 1982 to discuss common issues and ideas associated with providing and supporting information technology services at the University of California. From humble beginnings, UCTech now broadened its scope and reach, bringing together about 700 IT professionals from across the University of California to share knowledge to better support our respective universities and the world-class UC system as a whole. 

Past UC Techs (formerly UCCSC)

Year Campus Theme
2022 San Diego 40 Years of Connections
2021 Los Angeles Envisioning the Future of IT
2020 Los Angeles Envisioning the Future of IT
2019 Santa Barbara IT Uncorked: Unleashing the potential of our IT ingenuity
2018 Davis Sustainable Technology
2017 San Diego The Greater Good
2016 Santa Cruz In IT Together!
2015 Riverside In a Cloud of Our Own
2014 San Francisco 100000 Years of IT Collaboration
2013 Irvine Keeping Grounded While in the Clouds
2012 Berkeley Campus Collaboration
2011 Merced Information Technology On The Horizon
2010 Los Angeles No Limits
2009 Davis Focus on Security
2008 Santa Barbara Now UC IT…
2007 Santa Cruz Celebrating 25 Years of Technology Excellence
2006 San Diego Imagine What's Next
2005 San Francisco Getting IT Done. Getting IT Right. Getting IT Done Right.
2004 Riverside Fast Forward: UC IT 2010
2003 Irvine Threads in the Academic Fabric
2002 Berkeley Improving Life Through Technology
2001 Los Angeles Universal Access: Anytime, Anywhere
2000 Davis Portal to the Future
1999 Santa Barbara
1998 Santa Cruz
1997 San Diego Connections
1996 San Francisco
1995 Riverside Preparing the Inn Along the Information Super-Highway
1994 Berkeley Building Quality Computer Services
1993 Irvine Using Networking and the Network to Create Less Net Work
1992 Davis How Do We Leverage Our Diversity?
1991 Los Angeles Computing Sourcebook Instead of Annual Reports
1990 Santa Cruz
1989 Santa Barbara
1982 Santa Cruz The first "conference" was at UC Santa Cruz in 1982. It was hosted by Jim Mulherin, a consultant who suggested that UCSC find out what other UC campuses were doing with respect to academic software. The focus was strictly on academic software and it was held in a conference room on campus. Twenty-one people attended.

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