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Price Center Guide

The Price Center in the heart of the UC San Diego campus serves as the home base for UC Tech 2022. You'll find the registration desk, sponsor expo hall, Price Center Theater and all breakout rooms all self-contained within the facility. 

Within Price Center visitors have access to multiple amenities including a food court, paid charging stations, wall electrical outlets, lounge and relaxation areas and more features detailed below. 


If your home institution is eduroam-enabled:

eduroam is an encrypted wireless service that allows its members to use wireless services at institutions all over the world using their home username and password. Check with your home institution to find out if they are eduroam members.  If your home institution is eduroam-enabled, you may use your home username and password to connect to the eduroam encrypted network here.

Using this service, you can make full use of UCSD's wireless network with the exception of access to some restricted Library databases.

eduroam is visible on the main campus and at SIO. It is not available in off-campus sites or at La Jolla Professional Center at this time.

To connect to eduroam:

  1. Check with your home institution to find out if your home institution is eduroam-enabled.
  2. Select the eduroam wireless network.
  3. When prompted, enter your home institution username including the @institution portion, e.g.
  4. When prompted, enter your home institution password.

Use UCSD-GUEST if you do not have eduroam access

The UCSD-GUEST wireless network is for all UCSD visitors and guests, and is an unencrypted service requiring weekly user registration.

As a guest using this service, you can:

  • Browse the Web, including webmail (e.g., gmail)
  • Use SSH
  • Use most secure e-mail clients

To connect as a guest:

  1. Select the UCSD-GUEST wireless network. Some users will need to open a browser window for the next step.
  2. Follow the displayed instructions to accept the Terms of Use.
  3. Click Sign on.
  4. Once connected, the browser will open to webpage.

Note: See Guest Access for Windows if you're using Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Lactation Room

A lactation room is available across from our registration desk, opposite the Price Center West Ballroom. It's available on a first-come, first-served basis. The code, very clever indeed, is MILK (6455).

 Interior Price Center Map

Level One 

  • Price Center Theater
  • Dirty Birds

Level Two

  • Red Shoe Room
  • Bear Room
  • Sun God Lounge
  • Green Table Room
  • Roosevelt College Room
  • Marshall College Room
  • Revelle College Room
  • Dance Studio
  • Price Center Ballroom West A/B

Level Three

  • Warren College Room

Level Four

  • The Forum


UCTECH Price Center Interior Map